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I ate a pinecone because it told me to.
I ship Bellarke so hard. They're perfect. So basically my theme is all about them and Selena G.

This is why I don’t drink.


if i havent embarrassingly sang around you then we arent true friends


-Harry Potter and My Hogwarts Uniform.


-Harry Potter and I defeated the Basilisk with my Hogwarts Uniformimage

-Harry Potter and I met my godfather with a blue shirtimage

-Harry Potter and The red shirt I wear all the movieimage

-Harry Potter and I wear that blue shirt againimage

-Harry Potter and I wear that blue shirt againimage

-Harry Potter and I changed the blue shirt for the red oneimage

-Harry potter and I will confront my fate with my old blue shirt.image


I hope I’m one of those kids that just magically becomes hot after they leave high school

Me: Oh, hey whoa, this shower is occupied.
Spider: Omg man I didn't see you there.
Me: We cool?
Spider: Yeah, yeah, we're cool. I'm just coming down to scope out the tub.
Me: Oh, that's legit. Hey, you might wanna move over some--you're descending right into the shower stream and I don't want you to drown.
Spider: Hey thanks, bud. I'll be careful.
Me: So...can I get out now?
Spider: Sure, sure! Sorry I'll just move over here.
Me: Thanks. You have a nice night. Don't come into my bedroom, okay?
Spider: Nah, that's your space. We're cool. Have a great evening.


some authors could really use a “plot twist limit” or a “you’ve killed too many characters already” notification you know



According to chemistry, alcohol IS a solution.


Parallel: In which the Arrow boys can’t keep their excitement about the Olicity kiss from the finale a secret….


Not gonna lie… this did things to me.